¿Cuál es mi nivel de inglés?

Con ‘Test My English’ podrás realizar examen online de inglés breve y gratuito. Rellena el siguiente formulario y veras que nivel de inglés tienes ahora.

1. What time are you coming over?
2. Who bought you that dress?
3. She would have arrived earlier
4. That cat looks hungry
5. If he had studied more
6. Is Taylor Swift your favourite singer?
7. You’ll spill that coffee
8. I hear the weather in Scotland is very unpredictable
9. It’s very difficult to talk
10. He said he had a problem doing exams
11. He was terrified
12. She apologised profusely
13. If I ever manage to win the lottery
14. David couldn’t reach the lift in time
15. It was an opportunity